Find Lapras in Pokémon GO: Location Tips

In this section, we will provide you with expert tips and strategies on where to find Lapras in Pokémon GO. If you’re looking to add this rare Pokémon to your collection, read on to discover the best locations and techniques.

Lapras Pokémon GO Location Guide

In this section, we will discuss the possible spawn locations for Lapras in Pokémon GO. Whether you’re a dedicated trainer or a casual player, finding Lapras can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. With its powerful Water and Ice-type moves, Lapras is a highly sought-after Pokémon for battles and collections.

Lapras is considered a rare Pokémon, and its spawn locations are not as common as other Pokémon. However, with the right strategies and a bit of luck, you can increase your chances of encountering this majestic creature. Below, we’ve compiled a list of both common and rare areas where Lapras may appear in Pokémon GO:

Location Rarity Biome
Coastal Areas Common Water Biome
Waterfront Parks Common Park/Residential Biome
Harbors and Marinas Common Water Biome
Canals and Rivers Common Water Biome
Ice Biomes Rare Cold Climate

Keep in mind that while Lapras may spawn in these areas, it’s not guaranteed. Pokémon spawn locations can be influenced by various factors, including weather conditions and time of day. Additionally, using Incense or Lures near water bodies may increase your chances of encountering water-type Pokémon like Lapras.

Lapras Pokémon GO Raid Battles

If you’re up for a thrilling challenge, participating in raid battles is a great way to encounter Lapras in Pokémon GO. These epic battles provide an opportunity to work together with other trainers and take on powerful Pokémon, including the elusive Lapras.

During raid battles, you’ll face off against a Raid Boss, which is a significantly stronger version of Lapras. These battles require coordination, strategy, and a well-prepared team to emerge victoriously.

Battle Mechanics and Tips

To increase your chances of capturing Lapras in raid battles, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Form a group: Raid battles are meant to be tackled in groups, so gather some fellow trainers to join you. The more participants, the better your chances of success.
  • Choose the right counters: Lapras is a Water/Ice type Pokémon, which means Electric, Grass, Fighting, and Rock type moves are super effective against it. Build a team with Pokémon that have these move types to maximize your damage.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions: In Pokémon GO, weather boosts can significantly enhance the power of certain Pokémon types. Check the in-game weather before the raid battle and adjust your team accordingly.
  • Utilize Golden Razz Berries: Golden Razz Berries are valuable resources that increase your chances of capturing Raid Bosses. Make sure to use them strategically during the encounter to increase your odds of catching Lapras.

By implementing these battle mechanics and tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a master at raiding and improving your chances of capturing Lapras in Pokémon GO.

Lapras Raid Battle Information

Raid Boss CP Range Raid Difficulty Suggested Team Size Suggested Pokémon Counters
30,180 – 31,573 CP Tier 4 4-6 trainers Electric: Raikou, Electivire
Grass: Tangrowth, Venusaur
Fighting: Lucario, Machamp
Rock: Rampardos, Tyranitar

Refer to the table above for an overview of Lapras raid battle information. The Raid Boss CP range, raid difficulty, suggested team size, and Pokémon counters will help you prepare for the intense encounter.

Remember, raid battles are dynamic, and each encounter is unique. It may take multiple attempts to successfully capture Lapras, but don’t give up! With persistence and the right strategies, you’ll eventually be able to add this magnificent Pokémon to your collection.

Best Strategies to Catch Lapras in Pokémon GO

When it comes to catching Lapras in Pokémon GO, employing the right strategies can greatly increase your chances of success. From selecting the right Poké Balls to mastering your throwing technique, we’ve got you covered with the best tips and techniques to capture this rare and elusive Pokémon. Read on to discover our top recommendations.

1. Utilize Ultra Balls and Razz Berries

When encountering Lapras, it’s crucial to use Ultra Balls to increase your capture chances. Ultra Balls have a higher catch rate compared to regular Poké Balls, giving you a better shot at securing Lapras. Additionally, consider using Razz Berries to further enhance your chances of success. Razz Berries make Lapras less likely to flee, making it easier to catch.

2. Master the Curveball Technique

The Curveball technique is an essential skill to master when capturing Lapras. By spinning your Poké Ball in a circular motion before throwing, you can increase the catch rate and earn extra XP. Practice your curveball throws to improve your accuracy and maximize your chances of capturing Lapras.

3. Time Your Throws Correctly

Timing your throws correctly can significantly impact your catch rate. Aim to throw your Poké Ball when the colored circle around Lapras is at its smallest size. This indicates a higher chance of a successful catch. Patience and practice are key to perfecting your timing and increasing your chances of capturing Lapras.

4. Take Advantage of Golden Razz Berries

If you’re lucky enough to encounter a shiny Lapras or participate in a Raid Battle, make sure to use Golden Razz Berries. Golden Razz Berries greatly increase the catch rate and make Lapras easier to catch. Reserve these special Berries for rare encounters and challenging battles to maximize your chances of adding Lapras to your collection.

5. Participate in Lapras Community Day

Lapras Community Day is a special event organized by Niantic that offers unique opportunities to catch Lapras. During this event, Lapras spawns are increased, and exclusive moves or bonuses may be available. Keep an eye out for announcements and participate in the event to enhance your chances of encountering and capturing this elusive Pokémon.

how to catch lapras in pokemon go

By following these strategies and techniques, you’ll be well-prepared to catch Lapras and add it to your Pokémon GO collection. Remember to use Ultra Balls, Razz Berries, and master the Curveball technique to improve your catch rate. Keep an eye out for special events like Lapras Community Day to increase your chances further. Happy hunting!

Rarity of Lapras in Pokémon GO

In the world of Pokémon GO, Lapras holds a special place as one of the rarest and most sought-after Pokémon. Its scarcity has made it a coveted addition to trainers’ collections, and its unique capabilities in battle only add to its desirability.

So, what makes Lapras such a rare find? Several factors contribute to its elusiveness:

  1. Spawn Rate: Lapras has a notoriously low spawn rate compared to other Pokémon in the game. This means that encountering one in the wild is a rare occurrence, requiring patience and perseverance.
  2. Habitat: Lapras is primarily found in water habitats, making it even harder to come across, especially for trainers who live in landlocked or less watery regions. Coastal areas, rivers, and lakes are known to have a slightly higher chance of spawning Lapras.
  3. Event Exclusive: In the past, Lapras has been featured as an exclusive event Pokémon, limiting its availability even further. These limited-time events often draw large crowds of trainers hoping to catch a glimpse of this majestic creature.
  4. Raid Battles: While Lapras can be encountered in Raid Battles, participating in these battles requires coordination with other trainers and a bit of luck. As Raid Battles are time-limited and not always accessible to everyone, capturing Lapras in this way adds an extra layer of difficulty.

Despite its rarity, finding a Lapras in Pokémon GO is not impossible. By utilizing the right strategies, exploring water-rich areas, and participating in raid battles, trainers increase their chances of encountering this legendary Pokémon.

lapras pokemon go rarity

Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll explore the nest locations for Lapras in Pokémon GO, providing valuable insights for trainers looking to increase their chances of encountering this rare Pokémon.

Nest Locations for Lapras in Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO, nests are specific areas where certain Pokémon species frequently spawn in large numbers. These locations are highly sought after by trainers who are looking to catch rare Pokémon, such as Lapras.

Unfortunately, Lapras is not known to have any designated nest locations in Pokémon GO. Unlike other Pokémon that tend to appear more frequently in certain areas, Lapras sightings are rare and random. This makes finding Lapras a challenging task for trainers.

While Lapras nest locations may not exist, there are other strategies you can employ to improve your chances of encountering this elusive Pokémon. Below, we’ve listed some tips that may help you in your quest for Lapras:

  1. Visit areas near bodies of water: Lapras is often associated with water-type Pokémon and has been reported to appear near lakes, rivers, and coastlines. Explore these areas to increase your chances of finding Lapras.
  2. Participate in events: Niantic occasionally hosts special events that increase the spawn rates of specific Pokémon, including Lapras. Keep an eye on the game’s official announcements and participate in these events to maximize your chances of encountering Lapras.
  3. Utilize Pokémon tracking apps: There are third-party apps and websites that can help you track the real-time locations of Pokémon in your area. These tools can provide valuable information on the whereabouts of rare Pokémon like Lapras.
  4. Team up with other trainers: Coordinated efforts with fellow trainers can greatly enhance your chances of finding Lapras. Join local Pokémon GO communities, such as Facebook groups or Discord servers, to connect with other trainers and share information about Lapras sightings.
  5. Be patient and persistent: Finding Lapras may require time and patience. Keep exploring different areas, especially those known for rare Pokémon spawns, and don’t give up. With perseverance, you may eventually encounter this elusive Pokémon.

Remember, even without specific nest locations, the thrill of the hunt is an integral part of the Pokémon GO experience. So, get out there, explore, and keep searching for Lapras!

Tips for Finding Lapras in Pokémon GO

Tips Description
Visit water-related locations Explore areas near lakes, rivers, and coastlines where Lapras may appear.
Participate in events Stay updated on special events that increase Lapras spawn rates.
Use tracking apps Utilize third-party apps and websites to track Lapras sightings.
Join Pokémon GO communities Team up with other trainers to share information and increase chances of finding Lapras.
Stay persistent Be patient and keep searching, as Lapras encounters may require time and persistence.

lapras pokemon go nest

Tips for Finding Lapras in Pokémon GO

When it comes to finding Lapras in Pokémon GO, employing the right strategies can significantly increase your chances of encountering this elusive Pokémon. In this section, we’ll share our top tips and advice for improving your Lapras hunt. From utilizing in-game trackers to exploring specific biomes, these actionable tips will help you on your quest to catch Lapras.

1. Utilize In-Game Trackers

Make use of the in-game tracking features to locate potential Lapras spawns in your vicinity. Keep an eye on nearby Pokémon sightings and utilize the tracker to narrow down their locations. By following the footsteps and using the tracking system properly, you can pinpoint the areas where Lapras might be lurking.

2. Explore Coastal Areas

Lapras is known to frequent coastal areas, so keep an eye out for it while exploring beaches, harbors, and waterfronts. As a Water and Ice type Pokémon, Lapras often spawns near bodies of water. By focusing your search near these locations, you can increase your chances of encountering this rare creature.

3. Time Your Adventures

Time of day can play a role in Lapras spawns. While Lapras sightings can occur at any time, some players have reported increased sightings during specific times. Consider exploring different areas during both day and night to maximize your chances of encountering Lapras.

4. Investigate Biomes

Each biome in Pokémon GO has its own unique selection of Pokémon spawns. Research and explore biomes that are known to spawn Water and Ice type Pokémon. Look for areas with a high concentration of these types, as it may indicate a higher probability of encountering Lapras.

5. Join Local Pokémon GO Communities

Engaging with the local Pokémon GO community can be a valuable resource in your quest to catch Lapras. Join social media groups, online forums, or attend community events to stay updated on Lapras sightings in your area. Collaborating with other trainers can help you discover new locations and increase your chances of finding Lapras.

Remember, finding Lapras in Pokémon GO requires dedication and patience. Keep exploring different areas, try different strategies, and never give up. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to adding Lapras to your Pokémon collection.

Battle Strategies for Lapras in Pokémon GO

When it comes to battling and capturing Lapras in Pokémon GO, having a solid strategy can greatly increase your chances of success. In this section, we’ll explore the best battle strategies specifically tailored for encountering this elusive Pokémon. We’ll cover everything from the most effective counters to the ideal move sets and recommended team compositions for defeating and capturing Lapras.

Countering Lapras

Given Lapras’ unique Ice and Water typing, the best counters to use against it are Pokémon that are strong against these types. Some top choices include:

  • Machamp: With its Fighting type moves, Machamp can deal heavy damage to Lapras.
  • Rhyperior: As a Ground and Rock type, Rhyperior has a strong advantage over Lapras and can withstand its attacks.
  • Electivire: Armed with Electric type moves, Electivire can quickly whittle down Lapras’ health.

It’s important to note that Lapras has a high Defense stat, so using Pokémon with high Attack stats and utilizing type advantages will be crucial in defeating it.

Move Sets and Team Compositions

When selecting Pokémon to battle Lapras, it’s essential to consider their move sets. Moves like Dynamic Punch, Close Combat, and Focus Blast are particularly effective against Lapras due to its vulnerability to Fighting type moves. Additionally, moves like Thunderbolt, Thunder Punch, and Wild Charge can be devastating to Lapras as it is weak against Electric type moves.

As for team compositions, including a mix of strong Fighting and Electric type Pokémon will give you an advantage against Lapras. Machamp, Rhyperior, and Electivire can form a powerful core team to take on this Pokémon. Don’t forget to select Pokémon with high Attack stats and the appropriate moves to maximize your damage output.

Tip: Make sure to use Charged Attacks at the right time to deal massive damage to Lapras and increase your chances of capturing it!

With the right battle strategies, counters, move sets, and team compositions, you’ll be well-equipped to take on Lapras in Gym battles and other encounters in Pokémon GO. Remember to stay mindful of Lapras’ strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your strategy accordingly. Good luck on your quest to capture this rare and powerful Pokémon!

lapras pokemon go strategy

Pokémon Recommended Moves Type Advantage
Machamp Dynamic Punch, Close Combat, Cross Chop Fighting type
Rhyperior Earthquake, Stone Edge, Surf Ground and Rock type
Electivire Thunderbolt, Thunder Punch, Wild Charge Electric type

Lapras Rarity Timeline in Pokémon GO

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the historical changes in Lapras rarity in Pokémon GO. Over time, the availability of Lapras has evolved, making it a sought-after and elusive Pokémon for trainers to catch. Let’s explore the timeline of its rarity and gain insights into the current frequency of encounters.

Initial Release:

Upon Pokémon GO’s initial release in July 2016, Lapras was considered one of the rarest Pokémon in the game. Trainers were desperate to add it to their Pokédex, but sightings were extremely rare, leading to its reputation as a highly coveted catch.

Gen 2 Update:

With the introduction of Generation 2 Pokémon in February 2017, Lapras became slightly more accessible. It started appearing in raids and as a rare spawn in coastal areas. This update provided trainers with increased opportunities to encounter Lapras.

Event Appearances:

Throughout the years, Niantic has organized various events that boosted the appearance rate of Lapras. These events were highly anticipated by trainers as they offered a higher chance of encountering this elusive Pokémon.

During these events, trainers were treated to increased Lapras spawns and additional opportunities to catch Shiny Lapras variants.

Present Day:

Today, Lapras remains a relatively rare Pokémon to find in the wild. While its availability has improved compared to its initial release, encountering Lapras outside of events or specific nesting locations is still considered challenging. Trainers must explore diverse habitats and utilize effective strategies to increase their chances of encountering this elusive creature.

lapras pokemon go rarity

Timeline Lapras Rarity
July 2016 – February 2017 Extremely Rare
February 2017 – Present Still Considered Rare

Lapras Spawn Patterns and Behavior in Pokémon GO

In this section, we’ll examine the spawn patterns and behavior of Lapras in Pokémon GO. To increase your chances of encountering this elusive Pokémon, it’s important to understand the factors that influence its appearances.

Spawn Patterns

Lapras is known for its rarity, making it a highly sought-after Pokémon. While it doesn’t have a specific nest location, Lapras can spawn in various biomes around the world. However, there are certain patterns you can look out for that may increase your chances of finding one.

According to reports from trainers, Lapras tends to spawn near bodies of water, such as oceans, lakes, and rivers. Coastal areas are particularly promising spots for Lapras sightings.

Additionally, Lapras has been known to appear more frequently during events or special promotions related to water-type Pokémon. Keep an eye out for these events as they can significantly increase your chances of encountering Lapras.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions in Pokémon GO can also impact the spawn rates of certain Pokémon, including Lapras. It is believed that Lapras is more likely to appear during rainy or snowy weather.

Trainers have reported increased Lapras spawns during rainy weather, suggesting that this water and ice type Pokémon prefers the wetter conditions.

Keep track of the weather forecast in your area and plan your gameplay accordingly to optimize your chances of finding Lapras.

Time of Day

Lapras spawns are not strongly influenced by the time of day. However, some trainers have reported higher chances of encountering Lapras during early morning or late afternoon hours.

This could be due to Lapras’ associations with water and its preference for certain lighting conditions.

While Lapras can appear at any time, consider exploring water-rich areas during these specific hours to potentially increase your chances of finding one.

lapras pokemon go spawn patterns


Lapras in Pokémon GO typically exhibits docile behavior, rarely engaging in battles unless provoked. When encountered in the wild, Lapras will try to flee if it feels threatened, making it crucial to approach it cautiously.

Trainers have reported that using berries or higher-level Poké Balls increases the likelihood of successfully catching Lapras.

Remember to stock up on these items before attempting to capture Lapras to maximize your chances of success.

Spawn Patterns Behavior
Near bodies of water Docile, likely to flee when threatened
More common during water-related events More likely to stay when given berries or caught with higher-level Poké Balls
Spawn rates influenced by weather conditions Appearances increase during rainy or snowy weather
Increased sightings during early morning or late afternoon Will flee if not captured quickly

Lapras Community Day in Pokémon GO

As dedicated trainers, we’re always on the lookout for exciting events in Pokémon GO that offer unique opportunities to enhance our gameplay. One event that has captured the attention of trainers worldwide is the highly anticipated Community Day. These events focus on a specific Pokémon and offer exclusive perks that make it an ideal time to venture into the world of Pokémon GO.

While Niantic, the developers of Pokémon GO, haven’t officially announced a Lapras Community Day just yet, the possibility of such an event has certainly sparked excitement among trainers. A Lapras Community Day would provide trainers with a chance to encounter this elusive Pokémon in greater numbers and potentially even catch a Shiny variant.

During Community Day events, trainers can expect an increased spawn rate of the featured Pokémon for a limited time. This increased spawn rate makes it easier to find and catch these Pokémon, even in areas where they are typically scarce. Additionally, there is often a special move that can be obtained by evolving the featured Pokémon or using TMs.

If Niantic decides to host a Lapras Community Day in the future, trainers can look forward to several exciting benefits. First and foremost, the increased spawn rate of Lapras would allow trainers who have been searching endlessly for this rare Pokémon to finally add it to their Pokédex. The event would also provide an opportunity to catch high IV Lapras and increase the chances of finding a Shiny variant.

To make the most of a Lapras Community Day, trainers should plan their gameplay strategy in advance. It’s important to identify potential hotspots where Lapras is likely to spawn more frequently. By utilizing in-game trackers, exploring areas near water bodies or ports, and considering historical Lapras sightings, trainers can optimize their chances of encountering this majestic Pokémon.

During the Lapras Community Day, expect to see an influx of trainers flocking to popular spawning locations. This creates a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere where trainers can connect with one another, trade Pokémon, and participate in raid battles. It’s the perfect opportunity to strengthen the Pokémon GO community and make new friends who share the same passion for catching rare Pokémon.

While we eagerly await news of a Lapras Community Day, it’s worth noting that Niantic has surprised us with unexpected events in the past. So keep an eye out for announcements from Niantic and stay prepared for any upcoming Community Day celebrations that might feature Lapras. And in the meantime, make sure to continue honing your skills, leveling up your Pokémon, and expanding your knowledge of rare Pokémon encounters.


“A Lapras Community Day would be a dream come true for trainers like us. The chance to catch a high IV Lapras or even a Shiny variant would make all the effort and dedication worthwhile.” – Trainer A

“It’s not just about catching rare Pokémon during a Community Day. It’s about the camaraderie, the shared excitement, and the memories created with fellow trainers who understand the thrill of the hunt.” – Trainer B

lapras pokemon go community day

Potential Benefits of a Lapras Community Day

Benefits Description
Increased Lapras spawn rate Greater chances of encountering Lapras during the event
Potential for Shiny Lapras Increased likelihood of finding a rare Shiny variant
Exclusive Community Day move Opportunity to obtain a special move for evolved Lapras
Connect with trainers Chance to interact and trade Pokémon with fellow trainers


In conclusion, finding Lapras in Pokémon GO requires a combination of research, exploration, and strategic gameplay. By following the location tips, raid battle strategies, and catching techniques provided in this guide, you’ll significantly increase your chances of encountering and capturing this elusive Pokémon.


Q: Where can I find Lapras in Pokémon GO?

A: Lapras can be found in areas near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. Additionally, Lapras has been known to spawn in coastal cities and beach areas.

Q: Are there any specific locations where Lapras frequently spawns?

A: While Lapras does not have a specific nest location, it can sometimes be found near popular waterfront landmarks and tourist attractions.

Q: Can I encounter Lapras during Raid Battles?

A: Yes, Lapras can be encountered as a Raid Boss during special events and in specific Gym locations. It’s important to gather a team of strong Pokémon to increase your chances of defeating and catching Lapras in these battles.

Q: What are some strategies to catch Lapras in Pokémon GO?

A: One effective strategy is to use Ultra Balls or Golden Razz Berries to increase your chances of catching Lapras. It’s also helpful to practice your throwing technique by aiming for Excellent or Great throws to maximize your capture rate.

Q: Is Lapras a rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

A: Yes, Lapras is considered a rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO due to its limited availability and spawn rate. It’s often sought after by trainers for its unique typing and powerful moveset.

Q: Can Lapras be found in nests?

A: Lapras does not typically nest in Pokémon GO, as it is a rare Pokémon. Nests are more commonly associated with more common and common Pokémon species.

Q: What are some tips for finding Lapras in Pokémon GO?

A: Utilizing in-game trackers, exploring areas with water biomes, and playing during increased spawn events or special events that feature Lapras can significantly improve your chances of finding and catching Lapras.

Q: What are some battle strategies for encountering Lapras in Pokémon GO?

A: When battling Lapras in Gym battles or raids, it’s recommended to use Electric-type Pokémon, such as Jolteon or Raikou, as they are strong against Lapras’ Water and Ice typing. Additionally, utilizing Pokémon with fast moves that deal super effective damage, such as Thunder Shock or Thunder Fang, can provide an advantage in these encounters.

Q: How rare is Lapras in Pokémon GO?

A: Lapras is considered a very rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Its rarity makes it highly sought after by trainers and adds to its value within the game.

Q: What are the spawn patterns and behavior of Lapras in Pokémon GO?

A: Lapras’ spawn patterns are influenced by factors such as weather conditions, time of day, and specific biomes. Lapras tends to spawn more frequently during windy and snowy weather, and it is most commonly found near bodies of water or in areas with a high concentration of Water-type Pokémon.

Q: Is there a Lapras Community Day event in Pokémon GO?

A: As of now, there hasn’t been a Lapras-specific Community Day event in Pokémon GO. However, Niantic occasionally introduces new Community Day events featuring different Pokémon, so it’s always possible that Lapras may be featured in the future.


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