Catch Scyther in Pokémon GO – Locations Guide

In this guide, we will provide you with the best locations and strategies to catch Scyther, the elusive bug-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. If you’ve been searching for this rare Pokémon, look no further. Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate the vast world of Pokémon GO and increase your chances of encountering Scyther.

Scyther is a highly sought-after Pokémon known for its powerful moves and unique appearance. Whether you’re a dedicated player or just starting your Pokémon GO journey, our guide will give you the knowledge and strategies to find and catch Scyther.

So, if you’re wondering where to find Scyther in Pokémon GO and how to increase your chances of encountering this rare bug-type Pokémon, keep reading. We’ll explore Scyther spawn points, its spawning mechanics, and the best locations to find Scyther in various environments. Additionally, we’ll share expert tips to help you track down Scyther more effectively.

With our guide, your Pokémon collection will soon include the fantastic Scyther. Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure and become a Scyther-catching pro!

Scyther Spawn Points

Scyther, the elusive bug-type Pokémon, can be found in specific spawn points throughout Pokémon GO. If you want to add this rare creature to your collection, it’s important to know where to look. In this section, we’ll help you identify the locations where Scyther frequently appears, including known nests and popular hotspots.

Scyther spawn points are scattered across various areas, making it essential to explore different locations to increase your chances of encountering this powerful Pokémon. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your Pokémon GO adventure, discovering the right spawn points can significantly improve your catching experience.

To assist you in your quest, we have compiled a list of Scyther nest locations and hotspots that are known to attract this bug-type Pokémon. Keep in mind that spawn points can change over time, so be sure to check for updates and keep an eye out for any changes in the Pokémon GO game.

Quote: “By pinpointing Scyther spawn points, trainers can strategically plan their routes and maximize their chances of encountering this rare Pokémon.”

Scyther Nest Locations

Scyther nests are specific areas where this bug-type Pokémon frequently spawns in large numbers. These nests are usually found in parks, nature reserves, and other green spaces. Here are some notable Scyther nest locations:

Location City
Central Park New York City, New York
Golden Gate Park San Francisco, California
Hyde Park London, England
Yoyogi Park Tokyo, Japan

In addition to nests, there are popular hotspots where Scyther sightings are frequent. These areas attract trainers from all over due to their higher spawn rates. Here are some Scyther hotspots worth exploring:

  • Union Square
  • San Francisco, California
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Central Park
  • New York City, New York

By visiting these Scyther hotspots, you can connect with other trainers and increase your chances of encountering this rare Pokémon. Remember to stay alert and keep your eyes peeled for any nearby Scyther spawns.

Understanding Scyther Spawning Mechanics

When it comes to catching Scyther in Pokémon GO, understanding its spawning mechanics is crucial. By familiarizing yourself with these mechanics, you can increase your chances of encountering this elusive bug-type Pokémon in the wild.

scyther spawn rate

Spawn Rate

Scyther’s spawn rate determines how frequently it appears in the game. While the exact spawn rate can vary, Scyther is generally considered a rare Pokémon. However, certain factors can influence its spawn rate, such as the time of day, weather conditions, and specific habitats.

Habitats and Biomes

Scyther tends to favor particular habitats and biomes. It is frequently found in areas with dense vegetation, such as forests and parks. Be sure to explore these green spaces if you’re hoping to encounter Scyther. Additionally, Scyther can also appear near bodies of water and in urban areas.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play a significant role in Scyther’s spawning patterns. For example, Scyther is more likely to appear during rainy weather, as it thrives in damp environments. Similarly, windy conditions can increase the chances of a Scyther sighting. Stay updated on the in-game weather forecast to plan your hunt accordingly.

Time of Day

Scyther’s spawn rate can vary depending on the time of day. It is known to be active during the morning and late afternoon, making these prime times to search for this bug-type Pokémon. Early risers and evening explorers have a greater chance of stumbling upon a Scyther in the wild.

By understanding the spawn rate, preferred habitats, weather conditions, and time of day that influence Scyther’s presence, you can optimize your Pokémon GO gameplay strategy. Combine this knowledge with the locations and strategies provided in our guide to maximize your chances of encountering and catching Scyther.

Catching Scyther in Pokémon GO

Master the art of catching Scyther with our expert tips and strategies. When encountering this elusive bug-type Pokémon, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge to ensure a successful catch.

To increase your chances of catching Scyther, opt for Poké Balls with higher catch rates, such as Ultra Balls or even Master Balls if you have them. These powerful balls provide a better chance of securing a successful catch compared to regular Poké Balls. Remember to stock up on these high-level balls before embarking on your Scyther expedition.

When it comes to techniques, consider using Razz Berries to maximize your catch rate. Feeding these berries to Scyther before attempting a catch will make it easier to capture this rare Pokémon.

Timing is also crucial. Wait for Scyther to attack before throwing your Poké Ball. This tactic can increase the chances of a successful catch as it throws off Scyther’s evasive movements.

For a visually appealing encounter with Scyther, try hunting the bug-type Pokémon in the lush green surroundings of a park or forest. Scyther thrives in these natural environments, making it more likely to appear in these areas.

catching scyther in pokemon go

“Catching Scyther requires a blend of strategy and precision. By leveraging the right Poké Balls, using Razz Berries, and utilizing timed throws, you’ll increase your chances of success.”

Scyther Locations: City Hotspots

When it comes to finding Scyther in Pokémon GO, exploring major cities across the United States will significantly increase your chances. These bustling urban areas and parks are known hotspots for encountering this elusive bug-type Pokémon.

In city hotspots, Scyther can be found in various locations, including parks, gardens, and busy streets. The abundance of different habitats in cities creates diverse environments where Scyther thrives. Whether you’re strolling through a city park or wandering amidst towering skyscrapers, keep an eye out for Scyther’s distinctive appearance.

Here are some of the best city hotspots to find Scyther in Pokémon GO:

  • Central Park, New York City
  • Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
  • Millennium Park, Chicago
  • Seattle Center, Seattle
  • Boston Common, Boston

These locations have a high Scyther encounter rate, attracting trainers from near and far. With sprawling green spaces and vibrant cityscapes, these hotspots offer an exciting hunting ground for Scyther enthusiasts.

To give you a visual understanding of city hotspots where Scyther frequents, here’s an illustrative map:

City Hotspot Encounter Rate
New York City Scyther Locations in New York City High
San Francisco Scyther Locations in San Francisco Moderate
Chicago Scyther Locations in Chicago High
Seattle Moderate
Boston Scyther Locations in Boston High

Keep in mind that Scyther’s availability in these hotspots can vary based on different factors such as time of day, weather conditions, and events. It’s always a good idea to check Pokémon GO forums and community groups for real-time updates and tips from fellow trainers.

So, pack your Poké Balls and embark on a thrilling urban adventure to capture Scyther! The city hotspots await your exploration!

Scyther Locations: Rural Areas

Don’t let rural areas deter your search for Scyther! While popular Pokémon GO hotspots tend to be in bustling cities, there are hidden locations in less populated areas where this bug-type Pokémon frequents. Exploring rural areas can reward you with unique encounters and a chance to catch Scyther without the crowds.

When it comes to finding Scyther in rural areas, there are a few key tips to maximize your chances:

  1. Look for overgrown fields and meadows: Scyther is known to inhabit grassy areas, especially those with tall grass or dense vegetation. Keep an eye out for any abandoned fields or uncultivated meadows in rural landscapes.
  2. Visit nature preserves and parks: Rural areas often boast beautiful nature preserves and parks, which can be hotspots for Scyther sightings. These areas usually have a variety of Pokémon and provide a serene environment for Pokémon trainers.
  3. Pay attention to weather conditions: Scyther is more likely to appear in certain weather conditions, such as sunny or cloudy weather. Check the in-game weather feature and plan your search accordingly.
  4. Use Incense and Lures: To attract Pokémon, including Scyther, consider using Incense or placing Lures at PokéStops. These items can increase the number of Pokémon encounters, giving you a better chance of finding Scyther.

Exploring rural areas in search of Scyther can be a rewarding experience. Not only will you have the chance to catch this elusive Pokémon, but you’ll also enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of these less crowded locations.

best places to find scyther in pokemon go

Catching Scyther in Rural Areas

Catching Scyther in rural areas requires a strategic approach. As you explore these lesser-known locations, consider the following tips to increase your chances of success:

  • Stock up on Poké Balls: Make sure you have an ample supply of Poké Balls before venturing into rural areas. Scyther can be elusive, so having enough Poké Balls will prevent missed opportunities.
  • Use Razz Berries: To make Scyther easier to catch, feed it Razz Berries prior to throwing a Poké Ball. This will increase your chances of a successful catch.
  • Master your accuracy: Scyther can be a challenging Pokémon to catch due to its quick movements. Practice your throwing technique to improve your accuracy and increase the likelihood of capturing Scyther.
  • Keep an eye on the Nearby Tracker: The Nearby Tracker in Pokémon GO can help you identify potential Scyther spawns in rural areas. Pay attention to any sightings or rustling grass indicators that may lead you to Scyther.

With patience, persistence, and the right strategies, you can successfully find and catch Scyther in rural areas. So, don’t overlook these hidden gems and start your adventure in the countryside!

Benefits of Catching Scyther in Rural Areas Considerations
Less competition from other trainers Smaller population of Pokémon to encounter
Opportunity to explore tranquil natural environments Relatively lower density of PokéStops and Gyms
Potential for rare Pokémon sightings in rural-exclusive areas Travel to rural areas may be required

Scyther Locations: Water Biomes

Dive into water biomes to discover unique locations where Scyther can be found. These areas provide excellent opportunities to encounter this sought-after Bug/Flying-type Pokémon. Whether you’re exploring coastal regions or inland bodies of water, keep an eye out for Scyther’s distinctive silhouette.

Maximizing Your Chances

To increase your chances of finding Scyther in water biomes, there are a few strategies you can employ:

  1. Visit parks or natural reserves near lakes, rivers, or oceans. These environments often harbor a diverse range of Pokémon, including Scyther.
  2. Stay near bodies of water during rainy weather in Pokémon GO. Water spawns tend to be more active during rainy conditions, making it more likely for Scyther to appear.
  3. Utilize Lure Modules or Incense to attract Pokémon, including Scyther, to your location.

Exploring water biomes not only presents an opportunity to catch Scyther, but also allows you to encounter other Water-type Pokémon such as Magikarp and Psyduck.

The water biome near Lake Serene in Washington state has been known to be frequented by Scyther. Trainers have reported multiple sightings of this powerful Bug-type Pokémon in the area.

Water Biome Location Frequent Spawn Points
Lake Serene, Washington Near the lake and surrounding trails
South Beach, Miami Along the beachfront and adjacent parks
Central Park, New York Various ponds and bodies of water throughout the park
Ala Moana Beach Park, Hawaii Near the beach and the lagoon

These locations are just a few examples of water biomes where Scyther has been sighted. Remember to explore areas near water bodies in your local region for the best chance of catching this bug-type Pokémon.

Scyther Locations: Forests and Parks

Unleash your inner explorer as we guide you through forests and parks, highlighting the areas where Scyther is known to roam. Don’t miss out on these beautiful natural environments where Scyther can be found.

If you’re searching for Scyther in Pokémon GO, forests and parks are an excellent place to start your hunt. These lush, verdant spaces are favored habitats for Scyther, making them some of the best places to find this bug-type Pokémon.

Forests provide ample cover and a diverse range of bug-type Pokémon prey for Scyther to feed on. Look for heavily wooded areas with dense foliage, such as national parks and nature reserves. These environments offer a higher chance of encountering Scyther, so make sure to explore trails and paths that wind through the forest.

Parks, especially those with large open spaces and tall trees, are also prime locations for Scyther sightings. These areas often have an abundance of bug-type Pokémon, attracting Scyther to feed and compete for territory. Pay attention to grassy fields, picnic areas, and playgrounds within the park, as Scyther may be hiding in these spots.

Scyther Locations in Forests:

  • National parks
  • Nature reserves
  • State forests
  • Botanical gardens

Scyther Locations in Parks:

  • City parks
  • Urban green spaces
  • Large recreational parks
  • Public gardens

“Exploring the depths of a tranquil forest or strolling through a vibrant park can be a rewarding experience. Not only will you appreciate the beauty of nature, but you may also encounter a Scyther along the way!”

Remember, Scyther tends to be more active during specific weather conditions. Keep an eye out for sunny or cloudy days, as these are the optimal weather patterns for finding Scyther. Additionally, using items like Incense or Lures can attract more Pokémon, including Scyther, to your location.

Get ready to venture into these scenic environments and increase your chances of finding Scyther. Don’t forget to bring your Poké Balls and a sense of adventure!

Tips for Finding Scyther in Pokémon GO

Tracking down Scyther in Pokémon GO can be a thrilling yet challenging task. But fear not! We have compiled a list of expert tips that will help boost your chances of encountering this elusive bug-type Pokémon.

1. Utilize Lures and Incense

One effective method to attract Scyther is by using Lures and Incense. These items can be purchased from the in-game shop or obtained as rewards. Activate them in areas where Pokémon are known to spawn frequently, and you may just lure Scyther to your location.

2. Check Weather Conditions

Scyther has been observed to appear more frequently under certain weather conditions. Keep an eye on the in-game weather feature and look for weather patterns that are favorable for bug-type Pokémon. When the conditions are just right, head out to search for Scyther.

3. Explore Parks and Forested Areas

Scyther is known to inhabit parks and forested areas, making them prime hunting grounds. Grab your Poké Balls and venture into nature to increase your chances of encountering this bug-type Pokémon. Keep an eye out for rustling bushes and listen for its distinct buzzing sound.

4. Visit Urban Areas

While Scyther is more commonly found in natural environments, it is not uncommon to spot this bug-type Pokémon in urban areas as well. Pay a visit to bustling city centers, shopping districts, and residential neighborhoods, where Scyther may occasionally appear.

5. Time Your Hunt

If you’re looking for Scyther, it’s important to know when to search. This bug Pokémon tends to be more active during certain times of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon. Plan your outings accordingly to increase your chances of a successful encounter.

6. Join Pokémon GO Communities

One of the best ways to stay updated on Scyther sightings is by joining Pokémon GO communities. These online communities, forums, and social media groups are filled with passionate trainers who share valuable information about Scyther spawns and hotspots in your area.

A successful Scyther hunt requires patience, persistence, and a solid strategy. By using lures, checking weather conditions, exploring different environments, and staying connected with Pokémon GO communities, you’ll be well on your way to adding Scyther to your collection. Happy hunting!

Tips for Finding Scyther in Pokémon GO
Utilize Lures and Incense
Check Weather Conditions
Explore Parks and Forested Areas
Visit Urban Areas
Time Your Hunt
Join Pokémon GO Communities


In conclusion, our comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge and strategies to successfully find and catch Scyther in Pokémon GO. By exploring various locations, understanding Scyther’s spawning mechanics, and applying our expert tips, you’ll be well-prepared for your hunt.

Use our insights to discover Scyther’s favorite spawn points, including nests and hotspots. Remember to consider the spawn rate and be patient when searching for this elusive bug-type Pokémon.

Master the art of catching Scyther by using the right Poké Balls and employing effective techniques. Whether you’re exploring city hotspots, rural areas, water biomes, or forests and parks, be prepared to encounter Scyther in these diverse environments.

With our guide, you’re now equipped to build your Scyther collection in Pokémon GO. Put your knowledge to the test and embrace the excitement of hunting down this sought-after Pokémon. Happy hunting!


Q: Where can I find Scyther in Pokémon GO?

A: Scyther can be found in specific spawn points throughout the game. Keep an eye out for parks, forests, water biomes, and major cities as these locations are known to have higher Scyther spawn rates.

Q: Are there any specific spawn points for Scyther?

A: While there are no guaranteed spawn points for Scyther, some players have reported higher encounter rates in certain areas. These include known nests and popular hotspots where Scyther tends to appear more frequently.

Q: How does Scyther’s spawning mechanics work in Pokémon GO?

A: Scyther’s spawn rate is influenced by various factors such as location, time of day, and weather conditions. Understanding these mechanics can help you increase your chances of encountering Scyther in the wild.

Q: What are the best strategies for catching Scyther in Pokémon GO?

A: When trying to catch Scyther, it’s recommended to use Ultra Balls or Premier Balls for higher catch rates. Additionally, utilizing berries such as Razz Berries can make Scyther easier to capture. Aim for Great or Excellent throws to maximize your chances of success.

Q: Where are the best places to find Scyther in Pokémon GO?

A: Scyther can be commonly found in urban areas and parks within major cities. Some popular hotspots include Central Park in New York City, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and Millennium Park in Chicago. These locations have a higher likelihood of Scyther sightings.

Q: Can I find Scyther in rural areas?

A: Yes, Scyther can also be found in rural areas, though the encounter rates may be lower compared to urban environments. Explore grassy fields, farmlands, and rural parks to increase your chances of encountering Scyther.

Q: Are there any water biomes where Scyther can be found?

A: While Scyther is not typically associated with water biomes, it has been reported that Scyther can occasionally be found near water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and coastal areas. Explore these locations for a chance to encounter Scyther.

Q: Can I find Scyther in forests and parks?

A: Yes, Scyther has been known to appear in forests and parks. These natural environments provide ideal habitats for bug-type Pokémon like Scyther. Explore wooded areas and large parks to increase your chances of finding Scyther.

Q: What are some tips for finding Scyther in Pokémon GO?

A: Here are some expert tips to help you track down Scyther more effectively:
– Use Incense or Lures to attract Pokémon, including Scyther.
– Check the weather in-game, as certain weather conditions may increase Scyther spawn rates.
– Explore densely populated areas and parks during peak playing times.
– Join local Pokémon GO communities or use online tools to find Scyther sightings reported by other players.

Q: How can I increase my chances of encountering Scyther in Pokémon GO?

A: To increase your chances of finding Scyther, try the following:
– Visit locations known for their high Scyther spawn rates, such as parks and urban areas.
– Keep an eye out for any nearby nests or hotspots where Scyther is frequently reported.
– Explore different types of environments, including rural areas, forests, and water biomes.
– Utilize items such as Incense and Lures to attract more Pokémon to your location.


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