Catch Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO Today!

In this article, we will guide you on how to catch Wishiwashi, a powerful Water-type Pokémon, in Pokémon GO. Wishiwashi is known for its unique schooling ability, which allows it to transform into a much stronger form when surrounded by other Wishiwashi.

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your Pokémon GO journey, capturing Wishiwashi can be a rewarding experience. This elusive Pokémon can be found in various locations and has unique characteristics that make it a valuable addition to your team.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Wishiwashi, from its evolution and stats to its moveset, weaknesses, and raid battle strategies. We’ll also provide tips for completing your Pokédex with Wishiwashi and enhancing its combat performance with Stardust and Candies.

Whether you’re a casual player looking to expand your collection or a dedicated trainer aiming to conquer gyms, this article will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to catch and utilize Wishiwashi effectively in Pokémon GO. So let’s dive in and embark on this exciting adventure together!

Understanding Wishiwashi’s Evolution and Stats

When it comes to strategizing and battling in Pokémon GO, understanding a Pokémon’s evolution line and base stats is crucial. In this section, we’ll delve into Wishiwashi’s evolution and explore its impressive stats that make it a formidable Water-type Pokémon.

Wishiwashi’s Evolution Line

Wishiwashi evolves from its pre-evolved form, Wishiwashi Solo Form. However, what sets Wishiwashi apart is its unique ability to transform into Wishiwashi School Form when it reaches a certain level.

“The evolution of Wishiwashi showcases its adaptability and capacity for growth. With each evolution, Wishiwashi becomes even more powerful.”

Wishiwashi’s evolution line allows trainers to harness its full potential and amplify its abilities in battles.

Wishiwashi’s Base Stats

Stats play a vital role in determining a Pokémon’s overall strength and performance. Let’s take a closer look at Wishiwashi’s base stats:

Stat Value
HP 45
Attack 140
Defense 130
Special Attack 140
Special Defense 135
Speed 30

Wishiwashi possesses high offensive stats in Attack and Special Attack, making it a formidable force in battles. Its impressive defenses, especially in Defense and Special Defense, allow it to withstand enemy attacks. However, its Speed stat is relatively low, so it’s essential to strategize and make use of its other strengths.

Understanding Wishiwashi’s evolution and base stats contributes to creating a winning strategy when capturing and utilizing this powerful Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Exploring Wishiwashi’s Moveset and Abilities

As we delve deeper into the world of Pokémon battles, it’s essential to understand the moveset and abilities of each Pokémon on our team. Wishiwashi, the formidable Water-type Pokémon, has its own unique set of moves and abilities that can give you a strategic advantage in battles.

Wishiwashi’s Moveset

Let’s take a look at some of the best moves available to Wishiwashi:

  • Hydro Pump: A powerful Water-type move that deals massive damage to opponents.
  • Ice Beam: This Ice-type move can freeze opponents, slowing them down and giving you an opportunity to strike.
  • Aqua Tail: Wishiwashi’s tail is a formidable weapon, and Aqua Tail delivers a strong Water-type attack that can catch opponents off guard.
  • U-turn: A clever move that allows Wishiwashi to strike and retreat, making it a versatile choice in battles.

These are just a few examples of the moves at Wishiwashi’s disposal. Experiment with different combinations to find the moveset that suits your battle style and team composition.

Unique Abilities

Wishiwashi possesses a unique ability called Schooling. This ability allows it to transform from its Solo Form into its School Form when its HP drops below a certain threshold. In its School Form, Wishiwashi’s stats increase significantly, making it a formidable force to reckon with.

Additionally, Wishiwashi has the ability called Schooling Ability, which increases its Defense and Special Defense stats when it’s in its School Form. This ability not only enhances Wishiwashi’s survivability but also boosts its overall battle performance.

Ability Description
Schooling Transforms into School Form when HP drops below a certain threshold. Stat increase and Defense boost.

With its diverse moveset and unique abilities, Wishiwashi has the potential to be a formidable asset in your Pokémon team. Strategize and experiment to find the optimal moveset that maximizes Wishiwashi’s strengths and gives you a competitive edge in battles.

Unveiling Wishiwashi’s Weaknesses and Counters

When it comes to battling with Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO, it’s crucial to understand its weaknesses and find effective counters to optimize your strategy. Wishiwashi may be a formidable Water-type Pokémon, but every Pokémon has its flaws that can be exploited.


Wishiwashi is a Water-type Pokémon, which makes it weak against Electric and Grass-type moves. Electric-type Pokémon have a natural advantage over Wishiwashi due to their ability to inflict super effective damage. Pokémon like Raikou, Zekrom, and Electivire can deliver powerful Electric-type attacks that will crumble Wishiwashi’s defenses.

On the other hand, Grass-type Pokémon can also exploit Wishiwashi’s weakness. Pokémon such as Venusaur, Sceptile, and Ferrothorn can use Grass-type moves like Solar Beam and Grass Knot to deal significant damage to Wishiwashi.

It’s important to note that Wishiwashi has a unique ability called Schooling, which allows it to transform into its School Form when it reaches a certain level. In this form, Wishiwashi gains increased stats and can become much more challenging to defeat. However, its weaknesses remain the same. So, Electric and Grass-type moves are still the key to taking down a Wishiwashi in its School Form.


To effectively counter Wishiwashi, consider adding Electric and Grass-type Pokémon to your battle lineup. Here are some powerful options:

  1. Raikou: With its Electric-type moves like Thunderbolt and Wild Charge, Raikou can deal massive damage to any form of Wishiwashi.
  2. Zekrom: This Legendary Pokémon can unleash its signature Electric-type move, Bolt Strike, to exploit Wishiwashi’s weakness.
  3. Electivire: With moves like Thunder Punch and Wild Charge, Electivire can quickly take down Wishiwashi.
  4. Venusaur: As a Grass and Poison-type Pokémon, Venusaur can use moves like Solar Beam and Sludge Bomb to defeat Wishiwashi.
  5. Sceptile: With its Grass-type moves like Leaf Blade and Energy Ball, Sceptile can exploit Wishiwashi’s weakness and deal significant damage.
  6. Ferrothorn: As a Steel and Grass-type Pokémon, Ferrothorn can utilize moves like Power Whip and Gyro Ball to take down Wishiwashi.

By incorporating these Pokémon into your team and capitalizing on Wishiwashi’s weaknesses, you’ll increase your chances of defeating this powerful Water-type Pokémon in battles.

Remember to strategize and adapt your team based on the specific form of Wishiwashi you’re facing. Now that you know Wishiwashi’s weaknesses and have effective counters at your disposal, you’ll be well-prepared to take down this formidable Pokémon in any battle.

wishiwashi weakness

Pokémon Type Effective Moves
Raikou Electric Thunderbolt, Wild Charge
Zekrom Electric, Dragon Bolt Strike, Outrage
Electivire Electric Thunder Punch, Wild Charge
Venusaur Grass, Poison Solar Beam, Sludge Bomb
Sceptile Grass Leaf Blade, Energy Ball
Ferrothorn Grass, Steel Power Whip, Gyro Ball

Mastering Raid Battles with Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO

When it comes to raid battles in Pokémon GO, Wishiwashi can be a valuable asset on your team. Whether you’re looking for a strong raid attacker or a reliable defender, Wishiwashi has the potential to shine in these group battles.

As a raid attacker, Wishiwashi’s Water typing and impressive stats make it a formidable force against various raid bosses. Its high Attack and Special Attack stats allow it to deal significant damage, especially when utilizing its powerful Water-type moves like Hydro Pump and Surf.

On the other hand, Wishiwashi also excels as a defender in raid battles. Its unique ability, Schooling, allows it to transform into its School Form when its HP is above 25%. In this form, Wishiwashi becomes even stronger, gaining a boost in both its Attack and Defense stats. This makes it a challenging Pokémon to defeat, especially when supported by a well-coordinated team.

If you’re considering using Wishiwashi as a raid attacker, it’s essential to have a diverse move set to cover various types of raid bosses. Moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard can be effective against Dragon-type bosses, while Earthquake can deal massive damage to Electric or Fire-type enemies.

When using Wishiwashi as a defender, it’s crucial to pair it with Pokémon that complement its weaknesses. Electric-type Pokémon like Raikou or Zapdos can cover Wishiwashi’s vulnerability to Electric-type moves, while Grass or Electric-type moves can counter its Water typing.

To maximize your chances of success in raid battles with Wishiwashi, consider these strategies:

  1. Coordinate with your raid group to ensure a well-balanced team composition.
  2. Take advantage of Wishiwashi’s School Form to boost its stats and make it a formidable defender.
  3. Utilize Wishiwashi’s powerful Water-type moves and choose the most effective moveset for each raid boss.
  4. Cover Wishiwashi’s weaknesses by pairing it with Pokémon that have type advantages against its counters.
  5. Communicate and strategize with your team to coordinate attacks and maximize damage output.

Remember, raid battles require teamwork and coordination. By mastering the use of Wishiwashi in these battles, you can contribute significantly to your raid group’s success.

wishiwashi pokemon go raid

Completing Your Pokédex with Wishiwashi

If you’re on a mission to complete your Pokédex in Pokémon GO, Wishiwashi is definitely a Pokémon you’ll want to add to your collection. This Water-type Pokémon has a unique form change ability, making it a fascinating addition to any trainer’s roster.

To increase your chances of encountering Wishiwashi, you’ll need to know where to find it. Wishiwashi can often be found near bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. Keep an eye out for this elusive Pokémon during your outdoor adventures, and don’t forget to explore different habitats to maximize your encounter rate.

Wishiwashi can also be encountered during special in-game events that feature increased spawns of Water-type Pokémon. Keep an eye on the Pokémon GO official announcements and social media channels for information on upcoming events where you can boost your chances of finding Wishiwashi.

Remember, patience is key when searching for rare Pokémon like Wishiwashi. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find it right away. Keep exploring different areas and try different times of day to increase your chances of encountering this remarkable Pokémon.

wishiwashi pokemon go pokedex

Wishiwashi’s Pokédex Entry

“When Wishiwashi are in trouble, they will form a large school to protect themselves. In their solo form, they are weak and vulnerable. But watch out when they band together! The sight of a massive school of Wishiwashi together can strike fear into even the most formidable opponents!”

This Pokédex entry reveals the unique characteristics of Wishiwashi. When this Pokémon is in its Solo Form, it appears small and unassuming. However, when multiple Wishiwashi come together to form a School Form, they become a force to be reckoned with. This fascinating behavior makes Wishiwashi a truly remarkable addition to your Pokédex.

So, get out there and start your hunt for Wishiwashi. Capture this powerful Water-type Pokémon and complete your Pokédex in style!

Tips for Catching Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO

When it comes to catching Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO, a bit of strategy can go a long way. Here are some valuable tips and strategies to help you capture this elusive Water-type Pokémon.

1. Best Time of Day

Wishiwashi is more commonly found in the wild during certain times of the day. While it can be encountered at any time, you may have a higher chance of spotting it during early morning and late evening hours. Consider adjusting your gameplay schedule to increase your odds of encountering Wishiwashi.

2. Choose the Right Pokéballs

Wishiwashi is a powerful Pokémon, so it’s crucial to use the right type of Pokéball to effectively catch it. Great Balls and Ultra Balls have a higher catch rate than regular Pokéballs, increasing your chances of success. Stock up on these higher-quality balls to improve your odds of catching Wishiwashi.

3. Utilize Berries

Berries can provide a significant advantage when trying to catch Wishiwashi. Razz Berries, in particular, can increase your chances of catching it by making it less likely to flee. Golden Razz Berries have an even higher catch rate, so be sure to have a good supply of these valuable items on hand.

4. Take Advantage of Weather Boosts

In Pokémon GO, weather boost can alter the spawn rates and characteristics of certain Pokémon. Wishiwashi is more likely to appear during rainy or windy weather conditions. Keep an eye on the in-game weather feature and try to catch Wishiwashi when it has a weather boost to increase your chances of encountering it.

Time of Day Recommended Pokéballs Effectiveness
Early morning and late evening Great Balls and Ultra Balls Increased catch rate
During rainy or windy weather Regular Pokéballs, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls Increased spawn rate and encounter chance

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll improve your chances of capturing Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO. Remember to choose the right time, equip yourself with the appropriate Pokéballs, and make use of berries and weather boosts to increase your success rate. Happy hunting!

how to catch wishiwashi pokemon go

Battling and Training Wishiwashi in Gyms

Wishiwashi, the formidable Water-type Pokémon, can be a valuable asset in gym battles. With its unique abilities and moveset, Wishiwashi has the potential to turn the tides in your favor. Here, we’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of Wishiwashi when facing different Pokémon types, giving you the upper hand in gym battles.

Understanding Wishiwashi’s Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to battling in gyms, knowing Wishiwashi’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial. Let’s take a closer look:

Pokémon Type Advantageous Against Vulnerable To
Fire ✅ Resistant ❌ Vulnerable
Rock ✅ Resistant ❌ Vulnerable
Ground ✅ Resistant ❌ Vulnerable
Electric ✅ Resistant ❌ Vulnerable
Grass ❌ Vulnerable ✅ Resistant
Fighting ❌ Vulnerable ✅ Resistant

As you can see, Wishiwashi excels against Fire, Rock, Ground, and Electric types, making it a formidable opponent against these Pokémon. However, it’s important to be cautious when facing Grass and Fighting types, as they can exploit Wishiwashi’s weaknesses.

Optimizing Wishiwashi’s Moveset

To ensure Wishiwashi performs at its best in gym battles, choosing the right moveset is crucial. Here are a few recommended moves:

  • Waterfall (Water-type) for reliable damage with STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus).
  • Hydro Pump (Water-type) for a powerful, high-damage Water-type move.
  • Ice Beam (Ice-type) to cover Wishiwashi’s weaknesses against Grass-type Pokémon.
  • Surf (Water-type) for a balanced move that deals solid damage.

By utilizing these moves, Wishiwashi can dominate its opponents effectively in gym battles.

Mastering Gym Strategies with Wishiwashi

wishiwashi pokemon go gym

“With its formidable attack power and resistance to multiple Pokémon types, Wishiwashi can knock out opponents quickly, leaving gym defenders reeling.”

When battling in gyms, consider the following strategies:

  1. Utilize Wishiwashi’s Water-type moves to exploit the weaknesses of Fire, Rock, Ground, and Electric types.
  2. Be cautious when facing Grass and Fighting types, as they can exploit Wishiwashi’s vulnerabilities.
  3. Formulate a diverse gym team that complements Wishiwashi’s strengths and covers its weaknesses.
  4. Take advantage of Wishiwashi’s formidable attack power and resistance to multiple Pokémon types to knock out opponents swiftly.

By mastering these strategies, you’ll be well-prepared to dominate gym battles with Wishiwashi.

Enhance Your Wishiwashi with Stardust and Candies

Once you’ve captured Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO and checked its evolution line, it’s time to power up this formidable Water-type Pokémon. Enhancing your Wishiwashi’s combat performance requires the strategic allocation of Stardust and Candies. We recommend following these expert tips to maximize its potential in battles.

Allocate Stardust Wisely

Stardust is a valuable resource in Pokémon GO, and it’s essential to use it efficiently to strengthen your Wishiwashi. Focus on investing Stardust into leveling up Wishiwashi with higher individual values (IVs) in its key stats, such as Attack and Defense. By allocating Stardust to these stats, you’ll bolster Wishiwashi’s overall combat capabilities.

Gather Candies for Power-Ups

Candies play a crucial role in the process of powering up Wishiwashi. To gather more Candies, catch as many Wishiwashi as possible in the wild, and transfer duplicates to Professor Willow in exchange for additional Candies. Additionally, participating in raid battles and walking with Wishiwashi as your Buddy Pokémon will reward you with Candy bonuses. Accumulating a substantial amount of Candies will enable you to increase your Wishiwashi’s Combat Power (CP) and unlock its true potential.

Now that you understand the importance of Stardust and Candies, let’s explore the best allocation strategy to enhance your Wishiwashi’s combat performance.

Table: Recommended Stardust and Candy Allocation Strategy

Stardust Candies Enhancement
10,000 25 Increase Wishiwashi’s CP by 500
20,000 50 Increase Wishiwashi’s Attack by 2 levels
30,000 75 Increase Wishiwashi’s Defense by 2 levels
40,000 100 Increase Wishiwashi’s HP by 2 levels
50,000 125 Unlock a special move for Wishiwashi

Enhancing Wishiwashi with Stardust and Candies

Follow the recommended strategy in the table to gradually improve your Wishiwashi’s overall performance. By concentrating your resources on specific categories, you’ll create a well-rounded and powerful Pokémon ready to dominate any battle.

Now that you’ve learned how to enhance your Wishiwashi, it’s time to explore team strategies and synergies in the next section.

Team Strategies and Synergies with Wishiwashi

When it comes to building a winning team in Pokémon GO, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon is crucial. In this section, we will explore team strategies that incorporate Wishiwashi, a powerful Water-type Pokémon, and reveal the synergies it can create with other Pokémon in battle.

1. Wishiwashi’s Role in the Team

Wishiwashi excels as a defensive tank with its high HP stat and Water-typing, making it a valuable teammate to soak up damage. Its ability, Schooling, allows it to transform into its powerful School Form when its HP is at its maximum, boosting its stats significantly. When building a team around Wishiwashi, consider its defensive capabilities and synergy with other Pokémon that can capitalize on its strengths.

2. Complementary Pokémon

To maximize Wishiwashi’s potential in battle, consider partnering it with Pokémon that can cover its weaknesses and provide additional support. Here are some Pokémon that complement Wishiwashi:

Pokémon Type Role
Gyarados Water/Flying Physical Sweeper
Lanturn Water/Electric Special Tank
Toxapex Water/Poison Defensive Wall

These Pokémon provide different types of coverage and support to create a well-rounded team. Gyarados, with its Flying typing, can handle Grass and Bug-types that pose a threat to Wishiwashi. Lanturn’s Electric typing gives it an advantage against Water-types, while also providing Wishiwashi with an immunity to Electric attacks. Toxapex’s Poison typing complements Wishiwashi’s Water typing, and its defensive capabilities make it an excellent partner for Wishiwashi in battles.

3. Synergistic Movesets and Abilities

When selecting moves for Wishiwashi, consider movesets that synergize well with the rest of your team. Here is a sample moveset that can maximize Wishiwashi’s potential:

  1. Hydro Pump – A powerful Water-type move that can deal massive damage to opponents.
  2. Ice Beam – Provides coverage against Grass and Flying-types.
  3. Aqua Ring – Grants Wishiwashi passive recovery, ensuring it stays healthy during battles.
  4. Protect – Allows Wishiwashi to stall and buy time for its teammates to deal damage.

Additionally, Wishiwashi’s ability, Schooling, can give it a significant stat boost when its HP is at its maximum. Pairing Wishiwashi with Pokémon that can heal or provide support moves can help maintain its maximum HP and unleash its full potential.

4. Strong Team Compositions

Creating a well-rounded team that incorporates Wishiwashi requires careful consideration of team compositions and balancing offensive and defensive capabilities. Here’s an example of a team composition:

Pokémon Type Role
Wishiwashi Water Defensive Tank
Gyarados Water/Flying Physical Sweeper
Lanturn Water/Electric Special Tank
Toxapex Water/Poison Defensive Wall

This team composition capitalizes on Wishiwashi’s defensive capabilities while also providing offensive and defensive options with Gyarados, Lanturn, and Toxapex. Each Pokémon covers the weaknesses of the others, creating a well-rounded and formidable team.

wishiwashi synergies

By strategically building a team that incorporates Wishiwashi and capitalizes on its strengths, you’ll have a powerful and well-coordinated squad ready to take on any challenge in Pokémon GO.


Throughout this article, we have covered various aspects of Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO, from catching it to mastering raid battles, training it in gyms, and enhancing its performance.

By understanding Wishiwashi’s evolution, stats, moveset, and abilities, you can strategize effectively and make the most out of this powerful Water-type Pokémon. We have also discussed its weaknesses and provided counters to help you overcome challenges in battles.

If completing your Pokédex is your goal, we have shared information on where to find Wishiwashi and offered tips for increasing your chances of encountering it. Additionally, we have provided valuable strategies for capturing Wishiwashi, including the best time of day to find it and the recommended type of Pokéballs to use.

Remember, implementing the strategies and recommendations discussed in this article will greatly enhance your experience with Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO. So go ahead and catch, battle, and train this amazing Pokémon to achieve victory in your Pokémon GO journey. Good luck!


Q: How can I catch Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO?

A: Wishiwashi can be found in water biomes, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. To increase your chances of encountering it, try visiting these areas during rainy weather. Additionally, Wishiwashi can sometimes be found in raids, so keep an eye out for raid invitations.

Q: What is the best moveset for Wishiwashi?

A: The best moveset for Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO is Water Gun for its fast move and Hydro Pump for its charge move. This combination allows Wishiwashi to deal significant Water-type damage in battles.

Q: How does Wishiwashi evolve and what are its base stats?

A: Wishiwashi evolves from Solo Form into School Form when it reaches level 20. In its School Form, Wishiwashi has significantly improved base stats, especially in its HP and Attack stats.

Q: What are Wishiwashi’s weaknesses?

A: Wishiwashi is a Water-type Pokémon, making it weak against Electric and Grass-type moves. Pokémon with Electric or Grass-type moves can deal super effective damage to Wishiwashi.

Q: How can I use Wishiwashi effectively in raid battles?

A: Wishiwashi can be a strong raid attacker, especially against Pokémon weak to Water-type moves. To maximize its effectiveness, make sure to power up your Wishiwashi and teach it Water-type moves like Surf or Aqua Tail.

Q: Where can I find Wishiwashi to complete my Pokédex?

A: Wishiwashi can be found in water biomes and can occasionally appear during raids. Additionally, you may encounter it during events or special spawns, so keep an eye on in-game announcements.

Q: What tips do you have for catching Wishiwashi in Pokémon GO?

A: To improve your chances of catching Wishiwashi, try using Razz Berries and Ultra Balls. Additionally, timing your throws when the Pokémon is at its smallest size during the capture circle can increase your chances of a successful catch.

Q: What are Wishiwashi’s strengths and weaknesses in gym battles?

A: Wishiwashi excels in gym battles against Pokémon weak to Water-type moves. However, it can struggle against Electric or Grass-type Pokémon. It’s important to consider the type advantages and disadvantages when using Wishiwashi in gyms.

Q: How can I enhance my Wishiwashi’s combat performance with Stardust and Candies?

A: To enhance Wishiwashi’s combat performance, invest Stardust and Candies into powering up its CP and evolving it into School Form. Prioritize increasing its Attack and HP stats for optimal performance in battles.

Q: What are some team strategies and synergies with Wishiwashi?

A: Wishiwashi’s Water-type moves can complement Pokémon with Electric or Grass-type moves. For example, pairing Wishiwashi with Pokémon like Raikou or Roserade can create a powerful synergy that covers each other’s weaknesses.


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